0.0design is a brand by Vasques Studio that produces and distributes exclusively handcrafted products with the aim of carrying on traditions, revisited in a contemporary key and promoting a product that is "beautiful" in that it is useful, of high quality and good manufacture, durable and environmentally friendly as it adheres to the cradle-to-cradle principle.

The name “0.0design” was born thinking of the “0” as the origin, the principle of all things and symbolically also of manufacturing in its most traditional form, “design” thought of as the study and development of tradition and contemporaneity.
“0” also symbolizes circularity, femininity, fecundity, root, circle, center and centrality, a place of possibilities, absolute emptiness and fullness, earth and sun, origin, end and rebirth.
The objective is to create a network of connections between craftsmen and next-generation designers to ensure continuity to traditions while supporting innovation and design.

Email – info@0.0design.shop

Email – stefaniavasques.studio@gmail.com

Telephone – +393383686899

Vasques studio
Stefania Vasques · project creator, designer
Caterina Amato · artisan, designer
Filippo Bamberghi · photography
Mirko Dal Pra · artisan, designer
Stefania Giarlotta · logo design
Flavio Poratelli · artisan
Niccolò Pozzi · artisan, designer

Silvia Rivoltella · photography
Atelier Rezina · sponsor
Giuseppe Roccella · graphic design, web design
Thea Sturme · social media plan
Beppe Vicenti · consulenza marketing
Sikania Wood · artisan
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