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0.0design is a brand that produces and distributes exclusively handcrafted products with the aim of carrying on traditions, revisited in a contemporary key and promoting a product that is "beautiful" in that it is useful, of high quality and good manufacture, durable and environmentally friendly as it adheres to the cradle-to-cradle principle.
0.0design's production inherently adheres to the cradle-to-cradle principle. The products are designed analyzing the raw material available in nature and envisioning their future disposal and possible reuse. The production process, strictly handmade and with low environmental impact, also includes the recycling of its own packaging waste.
quality · uniqueness
0.0design's products are handmade only. It offers a "useful" product, often in limited edition, "unique" in its "irregularities". The aim is to offer a high-quality product, both in terms of choice of raw materials and craftsmanship, that draws from traditions, as well as the design principles behind it.


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If you are a designer or a craftsman and have a project that meets the requirements set by the brand i.e., a project that is “useful”, therefore “ethical”, therefore “beautiful”, send your work to projects@0.0design.shop

We are equally interested in furniture repurposing projects and in existing objects re-imagined in a new way or with new grafts or functions to suit the needs of our modern times.

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